If you are working on a meal plan in NutriAdmin, you may have added one or more recipes to it. Recipes allow your clients to not only know what to eat, but also how to prepare your meal recommendations.

If you want to remove a recipe you have previously added, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the recipes tab.

recipes tab

Step 2: Find the recipe you wish to remove, then click on its name to expand it.

finding a recipe on a meal plan

Step 3: Click on Remove (on top of the recipe's image).

removing a recipe

Step 4: Your recipe will disappear from the list of recipes included in the meal plan.

recipe removed

Step 5: Even though the recipe has been removed, the individual ingredients contained in it will remain in the meal plan unless you eliminate them manually. If you want to clear these ingredients out, you can do so by clicking on the × button next to each item. You can choose to keep some components of your recipe, whilst discarding others.

clearing food items from meal plan

Extra tips: You can store "master meal plans" that include a variety of recipes with variations. E.g. a recipe for standard workout meal, a vegetarian variation, and a gluten-free alternative. Then, when working with a client, you can give the same meal plan to several of your clients by removing the options that are not relevant to them, just leaving one of the variations for each of your recipes.