NutriAdmin has a great amount of flexibility and is capable of providing you with a completely customized version of your consultation notes for using with your clients. Basically, if you currently have a document with a template of the notes you use with patients, you should be able to implement an equivalent version online on the software.

The following 7-minute video demonstrates how to customize your notes at NutriAdmin:

You can save as many different sets of private notes as you need for different purposes E.g.:

  • first consultation notes
  • follow up notes
  • notes for men
  • notes for women
  • etc

Where to find the customization settings on NutriAdmin

Step 1: Click on Settings.

settings menu

Step 2: Click on the Client data tab.

client data tab

Step 3: click on Customize private notes.

customize private notes

Step 4: You will have access to the Editing private notes screen where you have full control over your notes and component fields.

You can watch the video above for instructions on how to customize your notes.