Creating a new questionnaire in NutriAdmin is easy. Just follow the steps below. Alternatively, you can watch the following two videos explaining the same as the text.

4-minute video showing the basics of creating/editing a questionnaire.

8-minute video discussing the different possibilities for data fields in your questionnaires.

Steps for creating and customizing a questionnaire in NutriAdmin

Step 1: Click on Manage Questionnaires on the left menu.

Manage questionnaires menu

Step 2: Click on New Questionnaire (green button on the top right corner of the screen).

Step 3: Give your new questionnaire a name and click the Create new questionnaire button. You will get a notification confirming the creating of the questionnaire. questionnaire name

Step 4: Find your new questionnaire in the Existing questionnaires table. Once you find it, click on the Edit link. You will be presented with the edit questionnaire settings – consisting in a series of switches that you can turn ON/OFF to enable or disable different kinds of questions in your questionnaire.

questionnaire settings

Step 5: (optional): By default, the most common questions are enabled (e.g. Name, email, DOB, etc). You can press the Turn all fields OFF button if you want to start the questionnaire completely from scratch.

Step 6: Click on switches to turn ON data fields you would like to include in your questionnaire. This will add the corresponding question with the right format in your questionnaire. E.g. First Name will be a text box, DOB will allow your clients to pick a date from a calendar, etc.

Tip: You can use the Search box to quickly find a field you want to include in your questionnaire. E.g. a supplementation table

supplements table search

Step 8: When you are done editing your questionnaire, click on Save changes.

Step 9: If you go back to the questionnaires table (like in step 1), you can now click on View to see how your clients will see your questionnaire.

previewing a questionnaire

In this example, we have included a few personal details and a supplement table. You can see how they look like to clients in the screenshots below.

questionnaire example

Questionnaires are fully customizable. You can have as many questionnaires as you want, and send them to clients with one click. When your clients fill in a questionnaire online, all their data is stored automatically in the corresponding client profile in NutriAdmin – A major efficiency boost when compared to non-integrated systems (like paper forms). If a field(s) you need is missing, drop us a line on and we will add it for you (quick).

Finally, you can also create your own custom data fields by clicking on My custom fields.